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With 'pop out' elements that are made of pure acrylic, a push-through sign can fully illuminate it's letters. Making for a magnificent sign for any business or ocassion.

LensCrafters - Push through acrylic.JPG

What is a push-through acrylic sign?

Solid acrylic letters that push through an aluminum facing and illuminate. 

Push-through acrylic signs look very luxurious and make any store look top-notch. Unlike channel letters, Push through letters can be made very small. This makes it perfect for smaller storefronts, and popular among indoor malls.

Each acrylic channel letter is CNC router or laser cut. The letters are also cut into an aluminum face or box to allow for the acrylic letters to be push through. The face or box is then illuminated with LED lights, allowing for a sharp and beautiful illuminated sign.

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